APM Luxury Car Garage

This project was a restoration of the existing barns with a new build addition in order to create 2000 sqft of luxury car storage, more commonly known as a man cave. We knew that we wanted a high performance, well insulated, lightweight door that looked great, was secure and was also able to show off the cars at night which is a fairly tall order. Although this was a domenstic setup, we went for a commercial Hormann door (ALR F42) as used in large car showrooms and warehouses. This ticked all of the boxes as well as having a discreet side mounted motor instead of the usual overhead setup.

Internally, we divided the classic and modern car collection with the new ID System Heritage bifold which matched the garage doors very well.

3x Hormann doors installed in Ashridge by SWR based in Hemel Hempstead.
New Heritage range of bifold by ID Systems

To read the SWR case study, see link below:


Project designer: Nailormade

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